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Baida Jewelry is a direct diamond importer. We are able to eliminate the middle man by buying in large supply, and acquire diamonds at cost and deliver the savings directly to you. We also carry one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds [GIA and EGL Certified], ranging from a 1/2 carat white diamond, to large and rare fancy colored diamonds.


Due to being wholesalers as well as retailers, our inventory is consistently changing. Therefore we do not post our inventory on-line. This is also to protect the confidentiality of our future customers’ diamond selection.


    We firmly believe that every diamond has to be seen and inspected in person to confidently purchase your desired diamond. This is due to the fact that each diamond has it’s own unique characteristics and qualities that no alike diamond can demonstrate. Therefore, we believe that no certificate, appraisal, and/or specifications can give you a full visual perspective to a diamond’s true brilliance and fire; it can only list and identify them.


Due to such high volume of customers and inventory, in 1990 Baida Jewelry expanded to second location in the luxurious International Jewelry Center, located only footsteps away from the original boutique.


Over the years, Baida Jewelry has built an illustrious list of quality customers ranging from company CEOs to famous celebrities. However, the private citizen is not left out of any special treatment. At Baida Jewelry, serving every customer equally is of utmost importance. Baida Jewelry is not just a local business but a backbone to the community by holding several charity events annually and sponsoring non-profit organizations. Baida Jewelry is also known for its continual support for Federal, State, and Local employees and officials. Baida Jewelry offers special compensation for those who serve their communities and most of all their country.

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